Frequently Asked Questions

We like to make things as straight forward as possible for our customers but there are still times when questions arise. To help you along when you are unsure of something, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and provided answers to all of them in the following categories:

  1. Account and Age Verification
  2. Sign Up/Login Assistance
  3. Deposits & Withdrawals
  4. Sports Bonuses & Offers
  5. Responsible Gaming
  6. Sports Bets
  7. Cash Out
  8. Techincal Assistance
  9. Poker/Casino FAQs


Account and Age Verification


What is “KYC” and why do you need my personal details?

“Know your customer” is the verification process which is mandatory for every account holder as per regulations. For all the information on this process please visit our KYC page HERE.
Which documents do I need to send in order to verify my identity? The standard documents which we require are:

  1. ID
  2. Recent proof of address – required in case the ID does not display the same address as registered in your Ironbet account. This document is usually a utility bill/bank or card statement sent to you in the past 3 months, stamped and signed by the issuing authority
  3. Credit card back and front images (showing first 4 digits and last 6 digits, middle 8 digits concealed and CVV concealed as well for security purposes)

In some rare cases additional documents might be requested for a higher level of verification. For example - notarized documents and/or a picture of account owner holding relevant documentation or identification.


Are there any specific requirements for the documents?

The documents must be sent via email to docs [at] ironbet [dot] com as attachments and should be:

  1. Clear and legible
  2. Each is a full document showing all corners (letters, pay slips/stubs, folded paper, envelopes and partial sections are unacceptable)
  3. In either jpeg, png file formats
  4. Less than 5MB (if sent as an e-mail attachment)
  5. We recommend sending the documents as e-mail attachments to docs [at] ironbet [dot] com by photographing them with your smart phone or a digital camera. Scanned documents may also be accepted but this option is not recommended
  6. Edited digital documents will not be accepted, as well as online bills/bank statements in any form. The only exception to this is Credit card images where it is required to conceal the CVV and the 8 digits as described earlier


What happens if I don’t send any or some of the required documents?

In the event that we do not receive and accepted the requested documents within 7 days, the amount of your withdrawal request will be returned to your account balance until you have complied with the documents request.


Why do I need to verify my account before I can withdraw?

Deposits are automatic and do not require intervention. Withdrawals go through another process so we use that process to check whether verification is required. So in most cases the verification will be triggered by a withdrawal. In some cases verification might be required in earlier stages, prior to the first withdrawal.


I don't seem to be getting Ironbet emails. What should I do to receive them?

At Ironbet we are committed to updating our players with news and information about upcoming events and our calendar of exciting sportsbook promotions. We limit these mails so that you won't feel you are being spammed. If, by chance, you aren't receiving our promotional emails, please check your spam or junk mailboxes. To prevent our mails from going to junk, make sure that Ironbet is added to your safe senders list. If you still do not receive our e-mails, please contact our helpful Support and we will gladly assist you with your query.


How can I update my account details and contact preferences?

It depends on what you want to update, but in any case you should contact support as any changes in account details can be done only on our end after you have successfully completed the account registration.


How does Ironbet protect my privacy?

Iron Bet has adopted the most sophisticated technology to guarantee the security and protection of your privacy. Your account information and deposits are fully protected by state-of-the-art security systems, software and services. For all the information please visit our Privacy and security policy page HERE.

Sign Up/Login Assistance


How do I create an account?

It is quick and simple to open an Ironbet account, with just a few steps required to get your betting underway. First you need to click on one of the many “Join Now” buttons that can be seen around the site, which will then take you to the Ironbet registration form. Fill in the requested details such as your name and address, then choose a username and password. Once the registration form is complete and you're happy with our terms and conditions, click on the button marked "Agree and Register" and your new account will be created.

Ready to get started? Click here to open an account.


Which currencies can I use at Ironbet?

The following currencies are accepted at Iron Bet: Australian Dollars (AUD), US Dollars ($), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Euros (€), South African Rand (ZAR), Russian Ruble (RUB), Swedish Krona (SEK), and Swiss Francs (CHF).
You must select the currency that you wish to use when opening your Iron Bet account. Once your account is created it is not possible to change the currency independently. If you wish to do so, please contact support for assistance.


Forgotten your username/password?

If you have forgotten your username then you need to contact Ironbet customer support via live chat or email at support [at] ironbet [dot] com. They can assist you in finding the correct details upon verification of your identity.
If you have forgotten your password then you need to click on the link marked “Forgot your password?” that can be found at the top of every page on Ironbet alongside the login section. A box will appear asking you to confirm your username, email address and date of birth. Enter these details and click on ‘“submit”. You will then get a new temporary password. Upon your next login to Ironbet you will be requested to set up a new password. These are the criteria for setting up your new password:

  1. Minimum 8 characters and maximum 10 characters.
  2. Acceptable characters are numbers (0-9), uppercase and lowercase letters (a-z).
  3. Your password must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number.
  4. Your new password cannot be identical to any of your previous passwords and cannot contain your username.


My Account Is Locked

Accounts can be locked for any number of reasons, the most common of which is too many attempts to login with incorrect details. Please contact support via live chat, phone call, or send us an email from the email address registered in your Ironbet account and we will be happy to assist.


Can I open an Ironbet account from any country?

There are several excluded territories, please check the list in clause 2.2 of our terms HERE. If your country is not listed in that section, it is most likely that you can register an account with us. If, upon registration you do not manage to open an account or you cannot find your country in the drop down menu, please contact our support for further assistance.


How many accounts can I open in Ironbet?

You can open only one account in Ironbet, it will allow you to access all of our other products as well (casino games, poker, and virtual bets) so there’s no need to open any new accounts. In case you forgot your login details, please check answers to previous questions in this sections.
Our system is designed to detect duplicate accounts and suspend them, if you have not opened more than one account please contact our support for assistance via live chat or email at support [at] ironbet [dot] com

Deposits & Withdrawals


When will I get the funds I withdrew from my Ironbet account?

We process withdrawals within up to 48 hours from the time they were submitted (unless there are verification/documents requirements, in which case we’ll contact you to inform you as soon as possible). Once processed, withdrawal times vary based on the chosen payment method.
The below are the withdrawal times for the most popular payment methods. Please take into account that bank holidays and weekends are not business days, so if there are such when you’ve requested your withdrawal it means your funds might be delayed until after the bank holiday/weekend is over.

Payment Method Earliest time you'll receive the funds once processed Latest time you'll receive the funds once processed
Bank transfer 2 business days 5 business days
Visa and Mastercard (Debit or Credit card) 2 business days 14 business day
Moneybookers / Skrill 6 hours 3 business days
NETeller 6 hours 3 business days


Up to 14 business days for card withdrawals?

We know, right? Well, it’s true that deposits are immediate, and in most cases withdrawals are cleared into your account within 2 business days, however it may take longer than that based on the issuing bank/card company policies. Not to worry though, if your funds are not cleared within 14 business days just contact support via any channel and we’ll initiate the tracking process in order to make sure you get your funds.


How can I submit a withdrawal request?

Once logged in, you can click directly on “Open Cashier”/”Deposit” at the top of the page, then navigate to the “withdraw” tab, select the available payment methods and follow the displayed instructions. Alternatively you can also access the cashier by clicking on “My account” which is displayed in the top of any sport betting page next to your username, then click on the “cashier” tab and navigate to the withdraw section to proceed with your withdrawal request.
Please keep in mind that submitting a withdrawal request may trigger a verification process and you will be required to send documents. For more info on our verification procedures, check our Account and age verification FAQs.


Why aren’t there more payment method options in my “withdraw” section?

The available options are based on the payment methods you used to deposit. This is a standard procedure meant to prevent financial fraud. In case your payment method is non-refundable (e.g. onetime use vouchers), other payment methods will be available for you to submit a withdrawal to. If you encounter any specific issues, please contact support via any channels and we’ll be happy to assist.


How do I make a deposit?

Once logged in, you can click directly on “Open Cashier”/”Deposit” at the top of the page, choose the desired payment method from the list of options on the left and follow the instructions which will be displayed.
Alternatively you can also access the cashier by clicking on “My account” which is displayed in the top of any sport betting page next to your username, then click on the “cashier” tab and choose your payment method under the “Deposit” tab.


I registered wrong credit card details and now I can’t change it

Once a card is registered by you, you can’t change it on your end. In such case, please contact support, preferably via live chat, and we’ll correct the details or remove the card from the system so you can register it again with the correct details.


I tried to deposit with my card and got a message requesting further authorization on the deposit?

This is something that might be required by the issuing bank/ Card Company. It may be due to frequent usage of your card in a short time frame, or due to the amount being higher than your average transaction amount, or other reasons. In any case, this is a mandatory requirement and once it was displayed you must complete it in order to complete your transaction.


My deposit has been declined but I don’t see why?

Please contact support, preferably via live chat, and we will try to assist you in resolving the issue and making a successful deposit.

Sport Bonuses and Offers


What’s the difference between a sports free bet and a Sports bonus?

A free bet (a.k.a “token”) is usually an after-wager type of bonus. Once credited it can be used to place bets according to the specific promotion terms, and if winning, the net winnings are immediately transferred to your real balance, no additional wagering required.
Free bets can be used to place bets whether you have real balance in your account or not. Please check next question for information on how to use your Free bets. If you have a free bet, it will appear as “Token balance” when you click the balance icon in any of the sport pages.
A sports bonus is a pre wager bonus. Once it’s credited it must be wagered according to the offer terms. Only after the wagering requirements are met, the bonus balance is transferred to your real balance. This bonus will be used automatically to place bets only when there is no real balance available to cover the stakes. If you have a sport bonus, it will appear as “Bonus balance” when you click the balance icon in any of the sport pages.


Can I use the sport bonus and the free bet simultaneously?

Only one type of bonus is available at all times. If you have a pre-wager bonus and a free bet, you will only be able to use the pre-wager bonus.


How can I use my free bet?

Choose the selections you want to place your bet on, keep in mind they need to meet the terms of the bonus. Enter the stake, you’ll then see a checkbox next to “Enjoy your Freebet” at the bottom of your betslip. Check the box and proceed to place your bet. For a full guide, please click HERE.
Note - If you are unsure which bets meet the terms of your free bet, please refer to the terms and conditions of the specific offer. To find the terms, access “My account” from any sports page, navigate to the “Bonus” tab, and check the “Description” column in the Active bonuses section in the relevant row. If the information is not available, please contact support via any channel for assistance.


Sports Free bet FAQ

‘Are there free bets available for me?’, ‘How long is my offer valid for?’, ‘What can I win and what can I do with these winnings?’ We’ve gathered all the common questions concerning free bets and answered them HERE, if you haven’t found answer to your question please contact support for assistance.


Why haven’t I received the bonus I was offered?

All of our offers have expiry dates, it may be that your offer expired before the terms were met. Check the “Terms and conditions” link in the email you’ve received or the specific page of the promotion, if you’ve met all the terms before the expiry date please contact support for further assistance.

Responsible Gambling


What is responsible gambling?<

We want you to enjoy the full experience we have to offer, but always to do so wisely and within your budget. As part of an overall positive experience, it is also important that you be fully aware of how we maintain the fairness in our games. For the full information, please visit our Responsible gambling page HERE.


Which tools are available to me to ensure responsible gambling?

There are several tools which are directly available to you and accessible from the cashier, under the “My account” tab in the “responsible gaming” section:

  • ‘Session timer’ allows you to request for a message to be prompted every X minutes that you remain logged in to your account, helping you to keep tabs on how long you’ve been playing.
  • ‘Loss limits’ allows you to set up a ceiling amount for losses on a daily/weekly/monthly and even per login session basis. Once the limit reached, the action that you chose will be prompted.
  • ‘Bet limits’ allows you to set up a limit on the amount you can use to play on daily/weekly/monthly/per session basis. Once the limit reached, the action that you chose will be prompted.
  • ‘Single bet’ limit allows you to set up a limit on the stake per bet on a daily/weekly/monthly/per session basis.

In My account there’s also a “Self-exclusion” section, in which you can immediately freeze your account or set up a self-exclusion time frame of at least one week and up to 5 years (60 months). This option allows you to self-exclude from sports betting only, or from all products. It also allows you to choose what happens when the self-exclusion period expires - the account can either be reopened automatically, or manually- meaning you need to contact support in order to request the reopening of your account.


How do I set up deposit limits in my account?

Deposit limits cannot be set up independently and must be requested via email, chat or phone call with our support. You can request for daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits to be applied on your account. If you wish to further lower your deposit limit, it will be done on the same day and can be requested via any channel. Please note that if you wish to increase/remove the deposit limits it can be requested only via email or chat with support, and the changes will be implemented after 7 days.


How do I close my account?

In case you are not pleased with our service, please contact us via chat, phone or email with your feedback and we’d be happy to look into it and resolve the situation. We offer several options for account closure and responsible gambling, please refer to the second question under this topic: “Which tools are available to me to ensure responsible gambling?”

Sports Bets


How do I place a bet?

Simply Find the bet that you want, click on your selection and it will appear in your bet slip on the right hand side of the site. Enter the amount that you wish to bet in the box marked ‘stake’ and then click ‘place bet’ to confirm your bet. However, don’t forget that you need to be signed in to your account and have a balance or free bet/sport bonus available before you can place a bet.


How do I place a live (in-play) bet?

Live events can be found in the live betting section of Ironbet, on the Ironbet homepage and in the right hand column of many pages. If you would like to bet on any of these events, it works the same way as a pre-event bet because you need to click on your chosen selection and then enter your bet amount in the bet slip.
However, as live odds tend to change quite often, it may be that the odds are different by the time you place your bet. If this is the case, a warning will appear to show that the odds have changed and you will need to accept the new odds before placing your bet.


What are the minimum and maximum bet stakes?

For US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros and British Pounds, the smallest bet amount that can be placed is 0.10. Maximum depend on the bet type and sport because there are different limits for both bets and winnings, and these can both affect the maximum bet amount.
Please note that in rare occasions we apply individual betting limits, this is a business decision and it is in line with our terms and conditions.


Where can I see my bets?

Open and settled bets can be viewed under the Bets List” tab in the “My Account” section which is available in any of the sports pages after you login. Within that tab you also have the option to search for bets by time frame and bet status.


When do you settle bets?

We try to settle bets as soon as possible after a particular event has finished or the result of the bet is known. However, there are certain circumstance where this is not possible as we might need to wait for official results or similar declarations. For information on settlement of abandoned games/ non-runners please check the betting rules HERE.
In case your bet is unsettled and the result is known for more than 15 minutes, please contact us and we’ll do our best to expedite the settlement of your bet.


My bet has been settled incorrectly

Please contact support and have the bet number ready so we can find your bet easily and check whether it was indeed settled incorrectly. It would also be helpful if you provide us with the source of the information so we can check that as well against our own results sources.
You may find your bet number in the “Bets list” tab in “My account” section under the column “Bet number” in the relevant bet row.


Where can I find your betting rules?

General betting rules can be found at Rules for individual sports can then be accessed from the left hand menu that appears on the general betting rules page.

Cash Out


What is Cash out?

Cash out is a nifty feature allowing you to lock a profit from your sports bets as the events are played out and odds are changing. This super awesome tool gives you the power to settle your bet before the event ended. So, if your bet is going well you can Cash Out and take your profit there and then. If things aren’t quite going according to plan you can Cash Out and limit your losses.


Where can I find the Cash out tool?

When available, cash out option will be displayed on your betslip or in “My account” in the “Bets List” section. You can find real examples HERE.


How are the Cash out returns calculated?

The offered cash out value is based on the probable result of your open bet at the given moment. To give a clue, here’s an example:
Football - Team A is leading 2-0 after 85 minutes, you have an open bet on Team A to win (90 minutes). The offered Cash Out value will be very close to the actual payout you would receive in the end of the match if your team won. The Cash Out value in case you bet on Team B will be quite low, as the chances of Team B winning this match are slim.


How do I cash out then?

Click the “cash out” button on your betslip or in “My account” in the “Bets List” section next to the open bet you want to cash out. A confirmation button will then appear, when you hit it your cash out request will be processed, unless something changed which disabled the cash out (see “o Which bets can I cash out?” topic below).


Which bets can I Cash out?

Cash Out is available for:

  • All major sports
  • Both pre-match and in-play bets
  • Singles and multiple bets

Cash Out is Not available for:

  • Bets placed with Free bet or Bonus balance
  • Suspended event/market/selections (For example, if a goal is scored, there is a short period when the markets within that match are suspended, whilst the new odds are being updated. During this period of suspension, Cash out will not be available).


When do I get funds from the Cashed out bets?

Immediately after cash out is processed.


I Cashed out but didn’t get my money?

Cash out returns are only added to your balance if the cash out was confirmed by the system. The confirmation message which is displayed when the cash out is processed:
“You have cashed out for XXX $”
If the cash out fails for any reason you will receive a notification informing you to attempt cash out again. Sometimes you might need to attempt cash out a couple of times before it’s approved due to the dynamic nature of in-play betting.


What happens if I tried and didn’t succeed to Cash out?

Well, that can happen when the event you bet on is really dynamic. In such cases cash out is not an option, unfortunately. While the feature is aiming to maximize your returns, it’s not a mandatory one and could become unavailable due one of several reasons. Ironbet will always strive to guarantee the cash out option is available, but when that is impossible your bet will be settled when all selections in it are finished.

Technical Assistance


Troubleshooting Tips

  • Stuck casino game – the best option is for you to log out, close your browser, reopen it and log back in. then open the game again, at this point the game should resume where it got stuck. If this doesn’t happen, please contact support to solve it. Note that the only solution in this situation is to reverse the game and return the stake to your balance, any winnings from this game will be removed when it’s reversed.
    If the stuck game is Live (Blackjack, roulette, Baccarat), you will be able to complete it in a regular game (Random numbers generator based game which can be found in the casino section).
  • Clearing cache and cookies is usually helpful in resolving all kinds of technical issues. Here is a quick and user friendly guide we found online on how to clear cache in your desktop or mobile and in any browser:
  • General issues with loading flash based pages – our website is based on flash, so to ensure smooth navigation please make sure your flash player is updated. You can download the most recent version here -


How to report tech issues?

If our troubleshooting tips (previous question) didn’t solve the problem, contact our support as soon as possible and provide the below information:

Information required Explanation & examples
Mobile device and model e.g. iPhone 6SE, Model A1662
Mobile operating system and version e.g. iOS 9.3
Connection type Wi-Fi/3G
Browser and version e.g. Chrome Version 50.0.2661.102 m
Does the issue occur after clearing cache & cookies? Yes/No
Do you have the most recent flash player version? Yes/No
Description of the issue, step by step. Describe the steps taken to reproduce the issue. Include specific URL, error messages, time stamp, casino game code, sport bet ID, specific time and time zone, , Screenshots


Poker/Casino FAQs


Can I play poker with my Ironbet account?

Yes, simply download our poker software, login with your Ironbet username and password, then choose your poker nickname to display while playing at our tables.


How do I download the poker software?

To start playing at Iron Poker, simply download our safe & secure software.


What benefits will I have as a new player at Iron Poker?

Iron Poker welcomes you with a very generous package of benefits!
On your first deposit you will get a 200% up to €1,500 First Deposit Bonus. If you enjoy playing tournaments, you will appreciate the four free entries to the $2,500 New Depositors Freerolls; one entry to the monthly $10,000 Bonanza; as well as entry to daily Beginners Freerolls.Click here for full details.


How do I reach the poker team?



Have more poker related questions?

Please visit our Poker FAQ page: or contact directly our poker specialists for further assistance:


Can I Play casino with my Ironbet account?

Sure, Ironbet offers more than 400 Casino Games (!), all of them set to make for an unforgettable gaming experience. There’s something for everyone, from classics like slots, blackjack, and roulette to table games, arcade games, scratch games, live dealer games, and unique variations of your favorites. Our lineup of popular slots includes games themed after familiar Marvel Comics characters, among them Wolverine, the Fantastic Four, and Iron Man. Our progressive jackpot slots selection features Monty Python’s Spamalot, Beach Life, The Incredible Hulk, and the Gladiator Jackpot.


How do I play in the Casino?

Simply login to your account and navigate to the Casino tab: You’re good to go!


Do I get a Casino Welcome offer?

Here at Iron Bet, we like to give our players a fresh and exciting start. That's why your first deposit will entitle you to a 100% bonus up to €100 you can use play our wonderful casino games! This bonus will be credited to you in addition to our sports welcome offer. All you have to do in order to enjoy Iron Bet's fantastic world of offers is make a first deposit and get what's rightfully yours! Complete terms of the offer could be found here:


What other casino bonuses do you have?

We add special offers every week and send individual custom-made offers to our valued customers. If you’re interested in a specific offer, contact support and we’ll find something just for you!


How do I reach casino support?

To reach our helpful casino specialists please visit the below links:

If you have not found your answer, please contact support and we’ll be happy to assist.